FlyingTex 2023 Wrapped: Celebrating a Year of Exceptional Fabric Collections

December 6, 2023
While everyone shares their Spotify 2023 Wrapped, showcasing top artists and songs, we at FlyingTex are excited to present our wrap-up: a celebration of our favorite fabric collections of the year.

While everyone shares their Spotify 2023 Wrapped, showcasing top artists and songs, we at FlyingTex are excited to present our wrap-up: a celebration of our favorite fabric collections of the year. Each of these collections reflects our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality, catering to diverse needs across the fashion and functional fabric sectors. Let's dive into the highlights of each collection!

1. OceanPure

Committed to improving ocean health, FlyingTex has partnered with Formosa Chemical Fiber Corporation (FCFC) to recycle discarded fishing and oyster breeding nets into top-quality lightweight nylon fabrics. This collection features a lightweight series with mechanical stretch in 20D and 40D, alongside a durable series in 70D+, all designed for comfort, breathability, and weather resistance. Certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), OceanPure redefines sustainability standards without compromising performance. [Learn More]

2. TexCycle

In partnership with SAYA Renew Fibers, we transform discarded textile scraps into premium polyester fabric, reducing waste by 30% per yard. This collection, certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), sets a new benchmark in sustainable fabric production. Available in 75D/150D with mechanical stretch, TexCycle is versatile. Its PFC-free durable water repellent (DWR) and high-quality lamination membranes ensure weather resistance and breathability, making it ideal for outdoor and ski wear. [Learn More]

3. Ski

Our Ski Collection reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence, designed to excel in the toughest weather conditions. Focused on performance and durability, the collection features robust 2- and 3-layer fabrics, complete with a lamination membrane for unparalleled protection against snow and wind. The incorporation of two and four-way stretch fabrics ensures optimal flexibility, making this range perfect for skiing and snowboarding gear. [Learn More]

4. SmarTex

SmarTex represents our commitment to convenience and quality. This collection includes a range of top-selling fabrics, available for next-day delivery in in-stock colors, and 40-day express shipping for customized colors. Ideal for soft-shell jackets, pants, or running shorts, SmarTex is the go-to for timely and reliable fabric solutions [Learn More]

5. Xpore

Xpore stands out with its embedded nanoporous membrane, offering unparalleled waterproof and breathability features. This collection is durably waterproof, extremely breathable, packable, and lightweight. Its PFC-free DWR makes it a perfect choice for active lifestyles in any setting.

6. Golden & Silver Aura

Featuring Golden and Silver Aura membranes on the face side of lightweight (40D) nylon fabrics, this collection is perfect for those looking to add a glamour touch to their outerwear collections.

7. Radiant Glamour

Radiant Glamour fabrics combine a retroreflective membrane with an emboss to create a metallic luminous effect. This waterproof and breathable fabric is an ideal choice for outerwear that stands out and shines, reflecting our innovative approach to fabric design.

8. Polypropylene (PP) Yarn

PP Yarn is a testament to our commitment to durability and environmental responsibility. With its solution-dyed process, it offers high resistance to fading, fast-drying, and water-repellent properties. The soft hand feel and optimal breathability, thanks to its embedded nanoporous membrane, make it a unique addition to our collection.

As we wrap up 2023, we celebrate these innovations and invite you to explore them further. To learn more about our collections or to order fabric samples, please register in our online fabric database or contact us via [email protected]. Join us on our journey toward a responsible future!

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