An Innovative Front-Runner in The Textile Industry

FlyingTex is a creative and pioneering company that plays a crucial role as a supplier to many retail businesses worldwide.

Our fabrics provide a solution to the key challenges of our era.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide sustainable and high-quality textile products that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. When assisting clients with their design needs, we always take the time to understand the full picture and evaluate consumer viewpoints in order to provide practical strategic advice and a comprehensive selection of end products.
Our Proposition
We believe that customization is key when it comes to building strong relationships with consumers. So, we go to great lengths to customize functional fabrics for our clients. We take our customers’ unique needs and corporate culture into consideration in order to adapt and adjust quickly and efficiently.
Our Promises
We are committed to providing a fully integrated service of the highest quality and we excel at the development, production, and delivery of the final product.

Our history

Established in 1996 by Peter Lin, FlyingTex is an innovative, trailblazing company and a vital supplier to numerous global retail businesses. Despite initial hurdles, Peter's unwavering focus on innovation and customer satisfaction propelled FlyingTex to success. During the company's early days, Peter would go to the extent of staying overnight at the factory, ensuring he was present until the shipment was prepared for dispatch to the customer. 

Today, FlyingTex is a pioneer in sustainable practices in the textile industry, attracting new customers and establishing long-term relationships with like-minded suppliers and manufacturers. Guided by sustainability, FlyingTex continues to innovate and exceed expectations, while remaining committed to customer-centric practices. Peter, the founder and CEO, leads with integrity and humility, always seeking to understand customer perspectives.


FlyingTex founded in Taipei


Partnership with international brands


Sustainable Practices


France Office Established


Global Certified Lab Established


Advence Sustainability Investment


Our company leads the industry by having a clear strategic vision and adhering to ethical standards.
Peter Lin
Simon Wang
Vice President
Gary Lin
Sales Director
Maggie Wang
R&D Director
Sisley Xi
Production Director
Alina Paniuta
Marketing Manager
Dr. Corey Sheng
Laboratory Manager
Karen Liao
Logistics manager

Our Clients

Flying Tex has been a long-term and trustworthy fabric supplier to many major brands. We continuously foster strong relationships and provide professional service to our clients.
Brands That Put Their Trust in Us

25+ Years of Experiences

30+ Countries Globally

200+ Partners rely on Flying Tex